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US Human Trafficking Report Has The Guyana Government not too Happy

As expected the Guyana government is not happy at all with the latest US state department report on Trafficking in persons. The report which was released earlier this week accuses the Guyana government of downplaying the problem of human trafficking in Guyana. It also said the Government was not doing enough to effectively tackle the problem recommending that it lends more support to nongovernmental and other groups to get the job done.

The Government’s chief spokesman Dr Roger Luncheon today dismissed the latest criticism against the government in the trafficking in persons report.

Luncheon said the Guyana government remains concerned about not receiving much information about trafficking cases from the US government when the same US government calls on the Guyana government when dealing with other issues.

Guyana is a source and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. The report noted that Identified cases of human trafficking within the country during this reporting period generally involved women and girls in forced prostitution. It said Guyanese nationals have been subjected to forced prostitution and forced labor in other countries in the region.

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