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AFC Going into Elections by Itself

The Alliance for Change is not changing its mind about staying away from any coalition although the newly formed A Partnership for National Unity which has brought together 5 opposition parties has indicated that its hands remains open to welcoming the AFC into the fold.

For the AFC, it’s ready to charge into the elections all by itself and they may be no turning back. Today the Prime Ministerial Candidate of the AFC Sheila Holder said the opposition partnership is still to convince her that they could win the elections.

AFC Presidential Candidate Khemraj Ramjattan makes it clear that the party will move forward as is and he reiterated statements that APNU may just be the PNC in disguise. The AFC he said is more concerned about pulling in traditional supporters of the major parties.

The Prime Ministerial Candidate went onto to say that what could also be worrying is the fact that message may be sent out there that should the partnership not win the polls, the AFC would be blamed.

During the 2006 elections, the AFC brought in a well known American campaign strategist Dick Morris who presented polls and figures showing an AFC victory, 5 years later the party admits that Morris was out of touch.

The party has launched its campaign and is already hosting meetings in several parts of the country.

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