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Giftland Wants More Transparency in OLPF Tender Process

The government after being criticized by one of the bidders about the way in which it is carrying out the tender process for the one laptop per family project has broken its silence about the matter.

Giftland OfficeMax is claiming that there needs to be greater transparency in the tender process since the company believes it was not given a fair chance.

But the project manager in explaining why bids were disqualified said there is an evaluation process that will determine if all the information submitted is authentic.

He added that Giftland’s sample computer which was submitted as part of the tender process was found to be not a product manufactured by Lenovo and so the necessary manufacturer’s authorization was not fulfilled.

Labour Minister Manzoor Nadir who is now overseeing the project said the last tender process was squashed because most of the bidders did not meet the basic requirements.

He noted that warranty and software are two key components of supplying the computers along with manufacturer authorization. Nadir added that this time around there will be greater transparency during the tender process.

The retendering for the supply of computers for the one lap top per family is expected to be reopened by month end and the government is confident that it will be ready to start distributing the computers by October.

Under the project the Government plans to distribute 90 thousand computers to poor families over the next two years.

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