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Education Ministry Turns A Blind Eye and Two Teachers Pay the Price

Sources close to the Charles town secondary school say teachers are frustrated with the lack of discipline by some students of the school and the nearby Carmel Secondary school. According to a source almost on a daily basis the Charlestown school comes under attack by students of the nearby school who would throw rocks on the roof of the building and even at students.

The situation escalated last Friday when a young boy of Carmel who said he was playing in the Charlestown compound was injured during an alleged scuffle with a teacher. In return the boy’s relatives rushed into the school with cutlasses and dealt two male teachers blows to their heads. A female teacher was punched.

Police investigators have been probing the report of violence in the school and charges could be filed before the end of the week.

But that may not bring an end to the bigger problem of discipline in the overcrowded secondary school. The education ministry this newscast has learnt has been told of the problem some time back but may not have taken the complaints serious enough until last Friday’s incident.

A meeting between an education officer and teachers and parents of the school is expected to take place sometime this week. Another meeting at the Carmel secondary school is also being planned. In a number of schools, teachers have complained about the breakdown of discipline. Many of them blame what they consider a weak system in the education sector that may be giving students the impression that they could do as they feel like. Add that to the no child left behind policy which promotes students who have failed their exams, and many educators believe it is time the education sector in Guyana receives a much needed revamp.

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