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ANPU Claims PPP Trying to Delay Elections

The opposition coalition’s A Partnership for National Unity, the APNU is not buying that call by the ruling PPP for the elections commission to reopen the claims and objections period. PPP Presidential candidate Donald Ramotar last Friday said his party had noticed that there were a lot of persons who have not been registered for the upcoming elections and as such they intend to pursue a reopening of the claims and objections period. But the opposition parties contending the elections are not in support of any moves now that could push back the date for elections. Both APNU and the AFC share the view that the time for objecting has passed and its time to move on. In a release today, APNU Said The obvious implication of the PPP’s latest ploy to delay the holding of general elections (during this year) is not lost on the population, especially young people who now comprise more than 65 % of the electorate.

The group said at this hour, the partnership cannot in all good conscience support what it calls, the hypocrisy of the PPP’s attempt to manipulate the laws of this country because their erstwhile supporters who safely distanced themselves from the disruptive policies of Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo, by their extended sojourn across the borders, and other distant places failed to be here to register themselves before the official period designated by GECOM.

APNU said All others had to comply with the law. The group stated that the PPP may now be seeking to use their power of incumbency to derail the election process. The release said the APNU will continue to exercise maximum vigilance to stop in its tracks any attempt to undermine the expectation of a fair and free elections.

Just yesterday, David Granger, the Presidential Candidate for the APNU spoke about the work the partnership has been putting in for the elections. As it is now, APNU is putting together its leadership team to fully begin the elections campaign.

For months, opposition parties had expressed concern about the large number of persons who had not collected id cards and the larger number of persons who had not been registered. The process continued and closed with all of those calls being made. At the time the ruling PPP was saying very little on the issues.

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