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Sugar Workers at Wales Threatening Strike Action

Workers of the Wales sugar estate are expected to down tools tomorrow in solidarity with one of their colleague who was dismissed by the co-operation.

The call for strike action by workers of the Wales Sugar estate stems from the dismissal of a tractor operator. The sacked employee was accused of stealing some 50 gallons of fuel from the estate.

A representative of the worker’s Union, GAWU, told Capitol news that the union wrote to the management of estate requesting evidence to support their action and were asking for matter to be reviewed.

The man was employed at the estate for the past 19 years and so the union finds it strange that the corporation will go that far without giving the union proper reason or hearing in the matter.

This will not be the first time that workers from the Wales estate have decided to go on strike after the management of Wales estate failed to address the workers grievances.

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