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Flight Attendant from Guyana with Fake ID

More details are emerging with regard to the Guyanese man who bypassed the security scrutiny of the US and was able to fly in and out of that country for years. The Man, Jophan Porter was able to obtain false identity documents and fly high in a job with American Airlines.

According to a family member from Soesdyke on the East Bank of Demerara from which man hails, he always had a yearning for the adventure. He traveled extensively and was one time rejected after landing in the United Kingdom. He returned to Guyana only to pick himself up and travel again to the Caribbean. It is unclear how the man funded all these trips but Capitol News understands that he once worked with the Barama Company.

He reportedly left Guyana several years ago on a legitimate US visa according to close relatives and friends but there was no official verification of the claim. Reports out of the US indicate that the man was an illegal immigrant who assumed the identity of a US citizen Michael Friar. Under the assumed identity the Guyanese worked until last week when he returned from London and was arrested.

No one from the US has contacted any of the man’s relatives in Guyana where he owns properties and is listed in the Guyana Telephone Directory under his real name. He was able to pass through Guyana and the Caribbean on several occasions the most recent visit being in December. It is unclear what travel documents he used to enter and leave Guyana. What is also unclear is how he may have entered Guyana as one name and leave Guyana with another identity as an airline employee.

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