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TUF Gets New Leader and She’s Not About to Join Forces With Any Other Party

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One of Guyana’s oldest political parties The United Force is hoping that it could do some rebounding in the upcoming elections. The UF pulled less than 3,000 votes the last elections and barely squeezed its way into parliament but for the past 10 years, the party’s leader Manzoor Nazir worked on the government side as a minister in the PPP/C government.

With Nadir now out as leader of the party and a new leader and presidential candidate in, the party founded by Peter D Guiar is hoping to do better. The united force has the only woman presidential candidate in the 2011 elections Valerie Lowe and she is not about to join forces with any other political party heading into the polls. She has met with the Joint Opposition parties but will not be going under that umbrella. Instead she said it’s time to rebuild the united force.

But rebuilding the united force could be a much tougher task that the party might want to admit. Ms Lowe seems convinced that the party may have been in a better position had Nadir not gone over to work with the PPP although he had the blessings of the party.

Looking back now, the UF’s Presidential candidate said, if you could rewind time, another decision would have been better with regard to supporting Nadir’s exodus.

But she said there are real issues affecting many of the Guyanese people, issues that she intends to dig deep into.

Guyanese will be heading to the polls later this. The elections commission has indicated that it is on track.

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