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Large Number of Persons Still Without ID Cards

The Guyana elections commission is confident that all systems are moving well for the hosting of elections this year. But one of the sticking points for the commission that it has been trying to deal with for a while is the large number of persons who are still to collect their id cards. There are still 43,000 persons who have not collected their identification cards. And more than half of that number represents persons from the region 4 area. A whopping 22,000 persons in region 4 have not collected their id cards.

The commission is quick to point out the absence of an ID card will not disenfranchise anyone as long as your name is on the voters list.

The commission this evening is also warning persons about imposters and persons pretending to be working for the commission going around ripping out pages from the published lists.

And on the issue of those payments that GECOM owes to several contractors, the commission’s hands may be tied right now but the payments will have to be made.

Money has already been allocated for the hosting of the elections this year and the commission says its adequate. The commission by its own time table is getting ready for elections by mid October. But it is the president who has the final say on an election date and he could choose a date much later but before the 28th of December. Once GECOM is well set it will inform the president of its readiness.

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