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AFC Not Being Clear Weather They Will Join The Coalition or Not

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Now that Peter Ramsaroop and his Guyana Peoples Partnership have joined the Joint Opposition coalition heading into the elections, attention now is being paid to the other opposition political parties and the moves they will make. And reported today that Heading into the coalition also as part of the Guyana Peoples Partnership will be former PPP Government minister Vibert Desouza who the online news source quoted as saying that he was joining the coalition to ensure Dr Cheddi Jagan’s dreams of a national unity government is realized.

But what about the Alliance for Change. The party has consistently said it does not intend to join the coalition but is open to having talks with persons from the main parties.

This Friday the AFC will host a youth open night at the Pegasus to discuss issues of importance to Guyana’s young people. A number of first time voters have turned to the internet and social networking sites like Facebook to get an understanding from the alliance for change about its position and why it may not be joining the coalition. Today a young voter asked the AFC on its Facebook page whether the party will be joining the coalition.

AFC Campaign Manager Salaudeen Nausrudeen in response did not give a definitive answer. He said the AFC is the only party that is different and distinct from the PPP and the PNC. Adding that The coalition is no more than a repackage of the PNC.

The AFC campaign manager added that The PNC is breathing its last breath and the coalition is their only hope. Nausrudeen wrote that to win an election a party must have some indian and some African votes.

The PPP he predicts will have a lot of indian votes and little afro votes. Then he turned his attention to the PNC and the Joint opposition political parties

Saying that The PNC/JOPP will have a lot of african votes but no indian votes. He said Guyana needs a break from the PPP and PNC, and the AFC is the only multi ethnic party in Guyana that has mass support in both ethnic camps. He said Because Guyana needs to move on the AFC will lead it with a new political and economic culture.

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