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Redjet Not Flying to Jamaica Any Time Soon

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They may have over 20,000 fans on Facebook but low fare carrier Red Jet is more concerned about just 2 Caribbean states that are making the friendly skies not so friendly for Red jet. The airline continues to complain about Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica not giving the go ahead just yet to allow red jet into those two lucrative markets.

Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding today put some serious turbulence in the Red Jet skies announcing that Jamaica was not prepared at this time to grant the airline a license to fly there. And Golding is not mincing words either against the Barbados government.

The situation now appears to be gaining some political ground, with the Jamaican prime minister firing off at the Barbados government saying that from all appearances Barbados wants to force the airline down the throats of the Jamaican government. Golding raised the recent issue over the hold up of a Caribbean airlines flight in Barbados, a hold up many believe may be a signal from the Bajan government that it means business when it comes to Redjet.

The move by Jamaica to deny red jet a license at this stage could put a serious dent in the airlines efforts to connect more of its passengers to more destinations. Jamaica which just recently entered into an agreement with Trinidad’s Caribbean airlines is clearly trying to protect those two markets.

Over in Trinidad, the situation remains the same with no moves just yet on allowing Redjet with its low fares to cruise into the market. the situation is becoming frustrating to not only Redjet but to many persons across the Caribbean who have taken to Facebook and the red jet page to vent their anger at not being able to enjoy the low fares the airline intends to offer.

As it is now Red Jet is only flying between Guyana and Barbados and the airline is already boasting at making inroads into that market so much so that smaller carrier Liat is feeling the squeeze and may now be rescheduling its flights around the days that red jet flies to Guyana.

Red Jet launched its service just over a month ago but has not been spreading its wings as planned. Aviation watchers say it will be interesting to see if the carrier could survive without the Jamaica and Trinidad markets, just focusing on Guyana.

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