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$3M Put Into School Uniform Project

These are some of the school uniform material that are both on sale and vouchers will be exchanged for at Rayon House of Fashion on Robb Street Georgetown which is one of the many stores that will be used as part of the government’s school uniform assistance programme. Last Friday it was announced that some 300 Million Dollars has been allocated to the programme and the Education Ministry is expected to begin the distribution process shortly.

The programme caters for students from nursery to secondary schools with the aim of ensuring that every child particularly those in vulnerable financial circumstances are not deprived the opportunity of attending school.

According to a release from the Education Ministry the allocated sum will cover the implementation of the programme countrywide. The distribution process is expected to commence on June 22 and a relative could uplift the voucher in the absence of the parent once an identification card or the child’s report card is provided.

Assistance to hinterland communities will be organized by the Amerindian Affairs Ministry. Raw materials and readymade uniforms will be purchased and distributed to such communities, with the support of the regional offices.

The raw material will be processed by locally organized sewing centres for distribution to schools in the catchment areas but where these are absent readymade uniforms will be allocated. Stand up As customary, authorized merchants of the voucher system are being encouraged to visit Education Ministry at 21 Brickdam to clarify all payments.

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