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Burnham Never Issued any Request about “fair-complexion and Indo-Guyanese” to the US Embassy

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The US embassy in Georgetown has cleared the air on a position taken by a letter writer in the Kaieteur News of June 3, 2011. The letter under the title “A deliberate attempt to besmirch the US” claimed that the writer was turned down for a US visa because of a deliberate policy of the Forbes Burnham Administration that had requested that the US Embassy restrict the issuance of visas to Guyanese of fair complexion, and to Indo-Guyanese to avoid a mass exodus in the 70’s. The writer who is listed as one Harry Gill claims he is now living in the US but he was denied a visa, back then, for that “Blame it on Burnham” reason.

The US embassy virtually dismissed the allegations of Burnham’s alleged directives or requests in its statement to this newscast. The embassy spokesperson noted that “US visas are issued solely in accordance with the US Immigration Law and all applicants who meet the qualifications are issued visas. The US Embassy spokesperson added that Only Congress can change US laws including Immigration laws.

Gill’s statements in the Kaieteur news have been described as outrageous by one International Relations commentator who pointed out that there is a distinct effort underway to so rewrite and recast the past that it has reached the point of being totally ridiculous and racist in content. The commentator who once lectured at the University of Guyana added that these distortions of the historical record reflect on the credibility of statements being made now about the past and create a fertile ground for young people to question these statements by various persons about this country’s recent history.

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