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Another 13 Parcels Sail Away

Well somebody is letting the cocaine pass, even as the Guyana Revenue Authority was out there promoting the virtues of its container scanner this week. Five persons are now in custody in Jamaica following the seizure of 13 kilograms of cocaine worth approximately $65million (Guyana) on a ship in Kingston yesterday. One day after the Vessel laden with the cocaine left Guyana, the GRA head Khurshid Sattaur was saying that the container scanner was working at least sixty times before that.

But as far as the Commissioner General of the GRA is concerned the ones that got away are those that give the system and country a bad rap.

According to a Jamaica Customs Department official, the five were detained at the wharves after the contraband was discovered shortly after 6:00 am on a vessel en route to the United States from Guyana. The packages were sent to Jamaica’s Transnational Crimes and Narcotics Division where detectives were questioning the five suspects.

As this newscast has been reporting a network of Guyanese dealers and smugglers have been using certain Jamaican industry connections to move large quantities of drugs through the island from Guyana. Jamaica has recently been a transshipment point for Guyanese imports and exports.

Yesterday’s seizure follows the recent seizure in Jamaica where a multi-million cache of cocaine was found stashed in a shipment of logs destined for China through Jamaica a few weeks ago. There was a lot of discussion on who may have been responsible for that shipment but very little detection appears to have taken place resulting in charges and even a conviction. For years there have been spectacular drug busts overseas that originated in Guyana but except for one or two small cases no one of any substance has ever been convicted or extradited in connection with any of these drug bust over the nearly two decades of increased illicit drug exports.

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