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ERC Taken to Court by the PNC

The Opposition has finally moved to the court to unseat the soi-disant Bishop Juan Edghill and his commissioners. The main opposition party is claiming in its affidavit that since the term of office of the first commissioners ended, the ERC has not been regularly and properly constituted. The party got an injunction on June 1, 2011 preventing the commissioners from holding themselves out as members of the ERC

The Bishop and his band of Commissioners have been working based on what they say is an appointment made by the President. But the High Court Judge James Bovell-Drakes in granting the injunction wants the State to prove that the President has a role in the constitution of the ERC. The Opposition leader is contending that the President has no such role.

In addition the Opposition leader in his court action noted that the current Chairman and Commissioners have been unlawfully investigating alleged breaches of the law including the racial hostility Act and making pronouncements among other matters on the coming elections and speeches by activists and others. The Opposition Leader fears that interference of the unlawful ERC will lead to a restriction on the Freedom of Expression with attempts to close TV stations like Sharma and silence critics particularly coming up to the elections.

The court action wants the current ERC Commissioners to stop the wild spending of tax-payers money allocated to the body because the body is not legally constituted.

Bishop Edghill is reportedly out of the country but was recently rewarded with a National Award by the Jagdeo Regime.

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