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Town Clerk and Councillors not Getting Along

Several councilors of the Georgetown Mayor and City Council and the Town Clerk are not on the same page when it comes to the council’s business especially with the non presentation of the budget for this year.

The councilors believe that the proposed income and expenditure estimates are flawed and seem to be impossible given the current financial status of City Hall. The proposed figure for the council’s budget for this year is 3.2 Billion Dollars.

Councilor Junior Garrett said the only reason the budget has not yet been presented is because it was not approved by council.

Deputy Mayor Robert Williams also expressed concern over the Town Clerk’s recent actions of cancelling statutory meetings without first moving a motion.

While there are difficulties with the Council’s 2011 budget, City Hall’s financial position continues to be a burden and workers will once again feel that weight since they will not be paid their salary for May until sometime next month or later.

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