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American Citizen Busted With Cocaine Sentenced to 4 years

29 year old American citizen, Kerwin Damietta from Boston Massachusetts was today sentenced to 4yrs in prison as he appeared at the Georgetown’s Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to trafficking 5lbs of cocaine.

The man was busted at the Cheddi Jagan airport on Sunday on his way out. This was his first visit to Guyana and he claimed he was coming on vacation. He begged the Magistrate for mercy but instead got 4yrs in Camp St.

He was also fined $30 000. When the charge was first read to him, the young man who was well dressed in the same business suit he was busted in, fumbled and appeared emotional as he entered a guilty plea. He was twice asked to repeat himself and said he was pleading guilty to the charge.

The prosecutor in laying out the case against the American citizen said the man is an American by birth and this was the man’s first visit to Guyana and he arrived here on the 13th May claiming that he was coming to Guyana for a vacation. The prosecutor said when the man arrived, he had two matching suitcases. When he was leaving on Sunday, he only had one suitcase in his possession.

The prosecutor said the man first stayed at an address in Duncan Street Cambellville before relocating to the Princess hotel last Friday. On his way out on Sunday at the airport he was confronted at by CANU when an officer noticed something unusual about his suitcase while it was being scanned. The suitcase was opened up and the illegal substance was found. He was taken into custody and when the more searches were carried out on the suitcase, more cocaine was found in the false bottoms.

The man was unrepresented in court today and seemed surprised by that, telling the magistrate that in the absence of his legal representation he would just like to apologize for his bad judgment and beg the court’s mercy. he was questioned by the magistrate and said he has two young children in the US, ages 2 and 3 and that he was a systems analyst in the Boston area.

No other person has been charged locally in connection with the case. At least three persons linked to a local entertainment company were questioned about the American man and his visit but they have all been released. Capitol News understands that they have been asked to make additional visits to the office of the customs anti narcotics unit.

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