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The Nation Of Islam Issue: Perplexing Political Pressure on the Guyana Police Force

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As questions continue to be raised about the intent of the arrest of a Nation of Islam Aide last week, the State owned and controlled Guyana Chronicle may have made it quite clear as to what the Government of Guyana wanted to prove. The attorneys for the man, the man himself and those who invited him to Guyana all claimed that the arrest was malicious and intended to stain his character.

Well even after he was released by the Guyana police Force Friday afternoon, the editorial of the Chronicle in vintage style of a bygone era, printed that the arrest of Nation of Islam high ranking official has frightening overtones for the peace, stability and the future of Guyana.

The Guyana Police had found nothing substantial to charge the man for yet the Guyana Chronicle insisting, in its Saturday edition, in placing the whole matter in the context of Abdul Kadir, who was jailed in the US, Tacuma Ogunseye’s speech and what the State owned and Controlled Chronicle called a long history of political unrest linked to the PNC.

The Editorial has escaped the eyes of the ever vigilant Ethnic Relations Commission Chairman with his pronouncements based on interposition and nullification. The ERC has been pronouncing on the contentious issues of race baiting, hate speech and bias.

From all indications and commentaries in the local press, the Guyana Police Force was operating based on the clear direction of the Government of Guyana, a position taken by NOI official’s attorney and the persons who invited him.

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