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Muslim Cleric Wants Government to Apologise For His Wrongful Detention

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The American Muslim cleric and nation of Islam advisor Abdul Muhammad who was arrested by local police early Thursday morning was freed this afternoon with no charges being laid against him. The move by the police came after two days of questioning and reports indicate that the leader of the nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan contacted President Jagdeo vouching for man’s integrity.

Muhammad wants an apology from the Government of Guyana for his wrongful detention and what he sees as a move to besmirch his image and the good name of his family.

Mohammad is an advisor to nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and also serves as the international representative for the Muslim body.

He was arrested at 3 in the morning on Thursday from his hotel room at the princess international hotel and spent last evening in the Brickdam lock ups.

Before his release today, his attorney Nigel Hughes moved to the courts seeking a habeus corpus motion. That motion was denied. The cleric was released less just over an hour after. Attorney Hughes said he was surprised that his client was detained with no evidence being provided.

The cleric hosted 2 television programmes on HBTV Ch 9. During the past week talking about the history of the African people. Following his arrest, officials of the us embassy contacted and visited him while in custody. The Guyana Police Force is still to release a detailed statement surrounding the man’s arrest.

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