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Police Commissioner Discharged From Hospital

Police commissioner Henry Greene is resting at home this evening after being released from the Balwant Singh hospital. The police commissioner has been calling up some friends letting them know that he is doing better. But there are still no details about the true state of the commissioner’s health.

Today cabinet secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon said it may be up to the commissioner and his family to release details of his health problems. Luncheon when questioned about the police force and who may be in charge now with the commissioners absence didn’t offer too much of a clear picture.

The 57 year old police commissioner was hospitalized for over a week and was at one stage placed in the intensive care unit after a surgery as complications popped up. This was at the 3rd known time for this year alone that the commissioner has been hospitalized. Some doctors believe he may need to take a break and get some rest from what they see as a rather stressful job at time. The police commissioner has had heart and blood pressure problems in the past.

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