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Police Investigators Stumped after Sunday’s Killing

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Police investigators are stumped in their probe of Sunday night’s execution styled killing of former boxer Linden Mortley who was gunned down just around 9 on the Busta Bridge in Festival City. The area is a dark and desolate one with a few abandoned buildings nearby. Persons who live not too far from the scene of the killing recalled that they heard 3 loud gunshots but did not notice anyone hurrying away from the scene in the pitch black night.

The man’s body was sprawled on the bridge with a gun – shot wound to the head and two others to the chest. From all appearances the man was shot at close range and may have been shot in the chest first and then closed off with the close range shot to head. The wound was a big one.

The dead man Linden Mortley lived in the Sussex Street Charlestown area and its not clear what may have taken him to the Festival city area at night since no one in the area appeared to know who he was. He was only positively identified when his wife rushed to scene almost an hour after the shooting. The woman collapsed on arrival at the scene and seeing the large gunshot wound in her husband’s head. She seemed at a lost as to who would want her husband dead and wailed and cried out that she doesn’t know how she will go on.

The dead man’s mother tearfully spoke about her son not being around to celebrate one of his children’s birthday today.

Reports state that the man may have been lured to the area after being called away from home. He is believed to have been an associate of another man who was recently shot in an execution attempt. That man is still recovering. For this year alone there have been a number of execution styled killings and none of the cases have been solved. The Sunday night murder pushed the number of persons murdered so far for this year over 45 and that figure is very worrying to local law enforcement.

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