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Redjet Facing Problems With Flying to Jamaica

Persons hoping to fly Redjet to Jamaica will have to wait a little longer as the regional carrier has hit a snag with the Jamaican government over its entrance into the that market. although redjet has been advertising its Jamaican market and accepting bookings and payments, the airline was forced to cancel its Jamaican flights from Barbados blaming that on problems with the politicians in Jamaica. The airline did not go into much detail. Redjet earlier this week launched its Guyana Barbados service.

The airline faced a similar hurdle in Trinidad and its unclear whether that hurdle has been completely dealt with also. The carrier which has been pushing itself as the Caribbean’s low cost airline is clearly facing some unexpected turbulence in some of its proposed markets as some governments make moves to protect the airlines that they have an interest in.

While Trinidad may eventually give red jet the all clear, reports state it is unlikely that the all clear would include direct flights from Guyana. Passengers will have to travel to Barbados before heading back down to Trinidad and the same goes for the Jamaican market.

Red jet whiles being prepared for the passengers may not have set its landing gear right for the Caribbean market and how protective some major players are of Caribbean industries that have stood around for years. While many Caribbean governments welcome the new carrier, others are still asking questions.

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