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Business Community looking For a lot from Next Administration

The local business community is expecting a lot from the next administration that takes over the reins of government and they’re not hiding some of their wishes.

The laundry list of wishes for the business community was unveiled when PNC Presidential Candidate David Granger met with members of the business community on Wednesday at the Pegasus hotel. Many of the business men gathered raised questions about how a granger government would put systems in place to see growth in the private sector.
Granger told those gathered that he doesn’t intend to micro manage the private sector once he gets into office.

He said that development of the economy will have to be fueled by the private sector and the sector ought to let its voice be known. He believes he could be the one to develop the business climate in Guyana by creating a safer and more secured environment.

The PNC Presidential Candidate is focusing on three points to bring about change in the Guyanese economy and he is focusing heavily on public safety. For this year alone Guyana has recorded over 45 murders and a whole lot more armed robberies. Those are factors he believes that are driving investment away.

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