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City Hall to Start Selling Delinquent Tax Payers’ Properties

The Mayor and City Council could soon be going after those business entities that are delinquent tax payers and selling their properties seems to be a way of generating funds. At a finance meeting held today it was disclosed that the council is seriously considering this option since the council is financially strapped.

At the moment City Hall is cutting corners as it tries to pay the two major garbage collectors contracted by the council after they withdrew their services for outstanding monies. City hall to date has managed to pay 5.4 million dollars to the contractors but may have a long way to go since the council owes over 70 million dollars.

The finance committee is expected to make the recommendation at the next statutory meeting on Monday. Once the recommendation is accepted City hall will go after those commercial entities to pay up or face the consequences. Until then the committee is still trying to work out if any payment plan will be put in place for those delinquent tax payers.

But at the moment garbage heaps continue to pop up around Georgetown and City Hall has resorted to using its limited resources to do garbage collection in and around the city with emphasis mainly on the market areas.

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