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Taxi Driver Crushed In Accident

Speeding and overtaking may have been the cause of the death of 33 year old taxi driver Quency Kelman.

Kelman was killed by this truck on Mandela Avenue late last night. According to reports the man was on his way to make a pick up at the airport when the truck overtook another vehicle and smashed into his motor car head on. Speaking with Capitol News this morning the man’s bereaved relatives said that they are hoping for some sort of justice and explained what was told to them by eyewitnesses.

The dead man’s sister and sister-in-law said that they had earlier enjoyed a good mother’s day treat from him and he was expected to return later, but never did.

The driver of the truck is in police custody as the investigation continues into the matter. It is unclear if the driver of the truck was under the influence of alcohol.

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