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Fires Destroy Businesses Across the Country

Millions of dollars worth of stocks and household items went up in flames in Linden on Sunday as fire ravaged through a 2 story building in the busy Mackenzie shopping area.
The building housed the Linden Digicel store and a Chinese General Store on the lower flat while the upper flat was the living quarters for the caretaker.

The midday fire quickly tore through the wooden upper flat of the building where from all appearances it began and trickled its way to the concrete bottom flat where the stores were located even as fire fighters did their best to ensure the fire remained contained and did not run over to nearby buildings including the region 10 regional office. The stores were heavily grilled and no attempt could be made to save anything. Both stores were fully stocked. The buildings caretaker, Selwyn Lancaster he left the building moments before and there was nothing strange. He was shocked when he noticed smoke emanating from the building while on his way back.

Quick action by the fire service with lots of help from linden residents avoided what could have been a major catastrophe had the fire been allowed to spread to the nearby businesses in the bust area. Residents at one stage took over the role of fire officers as the Bosai bauxite company sent in additional water resources with a huge tanker. There are no working fire hydrants in the area and that posed a big problem for the firemen since the nearest large water source, the Demerara river is located some distance away. The regional office was badly scorched.

Still the fire service officer in charge of linden operations praised the assistance from Lindeners.

Many Linden residents raised issue once again about the fire service not being fully equipped to deal with any major fire emergency in the bauxite town. Additionally some residents voiced concerns about the lack of working fire hydrants in the business area of downtown Mackenzie.
Just recently another fire in the town, at Chritianburg completely gutted the historic Christianburg magistrates court. Investigators are now probing both fires.

Meanwhile in Georgetown, the fire service was kept busy over the weekend. Investigators are still looking for clues as to just how the fire which gutted the king Solomon building on main street which housed Travelspan travel and executive rental really got started. The fire which began just after 3 Saturday morning quickly swept through the building completely gutting the businesses housed there. Fire chief Marlon Gentle explained that the fire service has had its hands full of late.

Travelspan is now continuing its operations from the Kings Plaza Hotel. Workers at the company believe that there may be something very fishing about the fire. Though eyewitnesses report seeing the fire beginning from the top flat, workers for Travelspan on the bottom flat found several laptops and pieces of equipment all gone, and they don’t believe that the fire took it. Reports indicate that the fire service is looking at the possibility of that fire being the work of arsonists. A fireman was injured during the fire fight when he fell from a canopy whiles dousing the blaze. He is said to be recovering fine this evening.

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