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City Council Unable to Pay Contractors Again

Two of the major garbage collectors contracted by the Mayor and City Council have once again withdrawn their services after the council failed to make payments owing to the companies. The two contractors are Puran Brothers and Cevons waste management.

City Hall has found it difficult to make payments to the contractors for several months. The payments amount to over 70 million dollars.

Georgetown Mayor Hamilton Green said the council has been engaging the garbage contractors on council’s current financial status.

Mayor Green said City Hall has turned to the Minister of Finance to have the government pay its taxes for the first quarter of this year but is still to get a positive response. He hopes that the council can make some amount of monies available to the contractors.

City Hall is urging the business community to dispose of their waste directly to the new landfill site until the matter between the council and the contractors is resolved. And residents are also being reminded to not put out their garbage.

Only today City Council workers were paid last month salaries. But some employees have found themselves in a jam with the commercial banks after their accounts were deemed inactive.

The workers failed to produce the two pieces of identification that the financial institutions for sometime had requested given that April 30 was the deadline to produce the documents.

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