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Relatives Of Dead Business Man Not Buying Police Story

Relatives of a businessman who was shot dead at his home by the police say they want answers and they are not about to buy into the story that the police force has provided. The man Angold Cox was shot after police say, two constables came under attack by him. One policeman was stabbed, the other was lashed with a piece of wood. It was then that the police opened fire. The man who is believed to be of unsound mind was reportedly threatening his tenants. But today some of the dead man’s relatives said the force needs to really come clean on how they handled the complaint and responded to the man.

Relatives said 2 van loads of policemen, heavily armed turned up on the scene and they find it hard to believe that one man could get so close that he could stab one policeman and hit another before being stopped with a gunshot.

As the family members say they want some sort of justice, the police force is investigating the incident. There have been a number of cases in the past where persons of unsound mind have attacked and even killed other persons. Just last year there was the case in Charlestown that left a number of persons dead when a man of unsound mind went on a murderous rampage, chopping 2 persons to death. He was eventually disarmed and arrested and is currently before the courts facing murder charges.

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