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French Guiana Vehicles One Way

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Guyanese and others who live in French Guiana still have a problem bringing their vehicles from the French Department into Guyana through Suriname. Capitol News understands that the agreement for vehicles is a one way one, only into French Guyana. Guyanese and tourists had complained for several years that after the opening of the ferry service, it was nearly impossible to drive through the three Guianas without hitches. The Guyana side said it was an issue of insurance but the French still did not allow vehicles into the country with international insurance.

Over the Easter Weekend, tourists were forced to leave their vehicles either at the Moleson Creek port or in Suriname. The Minister of Home Affairs confirmed that traffic only flows one way as far as the French are concerned.

The Guyana Government earlier this year issued an advisory on the requirements that have to be met before a vehicle would be permitted into French Guiana for a period of three months. After that time the vehicle must either leave the territory or be registered as an imported vehicle.

From the Guyana side the Guyana Revenue Authority has instructed that French registered vehicles cannot be driven on Guyana’s roads.

The French had not been accepting Guyanese vehicles into the French Department because of the absence of certain regulations to protect the vehicles, passengers and drivers and other regulations that were in line with the French authorities’ position.

Capitol News understands that for upcoming events like the world Cup and Olympics in Brazil some foreign tourists are planning to arrive in the Caribbean and then drive through the Guianas into Brazil as part of a South American Safari.

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