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Government Approves $27M for Public Awareness Campaigns

As more attention is being placed on chronic non communicable diseases the government has approved an additional 27 million dollars for more public awareness campaigns. Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon made the announcement at his weekly press briefing.

The Health Ministry is now focusing more of its attention on Chronic Non Communicable Diseases like diabetes and hypertension. The diseases are responsible for some 60 percent of deaths annually.

Dr. Luncheon noted that with such high numbers it is an area of concern since it is causing the treasury to spend more.

The cabinet secretary believes with increase public awareness citizens could be educated about the importance of practicing healthier eating habits.

Just recently the Council for Human and Social Development after a two day meeting during last week addressed the issue of chronic non communicable diseases.

It is an area that has found itself on the front burner of most Caribbean countries since it is one of the leading causes of deaths within the region.

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