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Guyanese IT Couple granted Refugee Status

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There are more details emerging following reports that a Guyanese couple who fled to Canada seeking Refugee Status was granted that status at the end of last month. Capitol News understands that the information technology specialist and his wife left the country two years ago after the specialist claimed that he was asked to commit what he considered cyber crimes.

The man said that he once worked at a State owned entity and contact was made with a Top Government official through that company by a senior employee. After that there was a meeting with the Government Official, a senior police officer and a well known enforcer. The man told the Canadians that he was asked to hack two websites one of those websites was the recent target of a police investigation in Guyana and political activist Mark Benschop was questioned about the site.

The attorney for the couple stated that the couple had just married when their troubles began following the meeting with the government officials and the enforcer. Close friends and associates of the information technology specialist and his wife testified under oath of their troubles with the Guyana Government. The situation became even more bizarre when the wife claimed that she was even kidnapped by agents of the State, was tortured and brutalized by the agents so that she can be coerced to influence her husband to co-operate with the government in carrying out their illegal activities of spying and hacking into opposition and anti-government people’s computers.

The documents that were submitted to the Canadian authorities noted that the Government of Guyana was establishing a spy agency, called Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The purpose of the Agency is to spy on opposition parties, the embassies and anyone who opposes the PPP Government according to the Refugee Status documents.

Over the years hundreds of individuals claiming to be PPP supporters have sought refugee status in both Canada and the United States declaring that the situation in Guyana was so horrible that they needed to be protected under the Convention Against Torture (CAT), several have been successful over the years.

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