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GPP Presidential Candidate Peter Ramsaroop Decides to go into Elections Solo

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He was the last to enter the coalition talks and became the first one to pull out. Leader of the Guyana People’s Partnership Peter Ramsaroop has decided that he will go it alone into the upcoming elections. Ramsaroop was of the view that the joint opposition political parties that are involved in the talks were just moving too slow.

Ramsaroop is convinced that he could do well at the polls on his own. For the 2006 elections, Ramsaroop themed up and campaigned with the Alliance for Change. He soon left the AFC over leadership issues. Before that and for the 2001 elections Ramsaroop was with the PNC Reform as part of the Reform component. He also left that grouping over leadership issues.

Now he has pulled out of the talks with some of the opposition parties that are looking at forming a coalition to lead into the next elections. He claims that the decision may have been prompted by statements he made on this newscast about the PNC never winning an election in this country. But PNC sources say that may be far from the truth.

Ramsaroop one source said wanted to push himself as the Presidential Candidate and none of the other parties appeared to be in support of that. Some of the other parties were more concerned about what he was brining to the table as a candidate with an unknown constituency. In aninterview with this newscast just last week before he pulled out of the talks, Ramsaroop seemed all set to get packing and leave the talks.

As far as rasmsaroop is concerned Constituency does not matter and he has been making that clear in a number of interviews and on his tv show. He believes he will be able to come up with the number of signatures needed to contest the elections by himself.

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