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Fire at Linden Destroys Magistrates Court

A devastating fire in the in the mining town of linden early this morning has destroyed the only courthouse in the community, leaving nothing behind and taking with it an important part of the town’s history.

The christianburg Magistrates court at Wismar was completely gutted. The fire began just after 5 this morning and within minutes the old wooden building was destroyed. The fire service arrived but their best efforts could not save the building even as they sourced water from the nearby Demerara river which runs through the bauxite community. An eyewitness who raised the first alarm of the blaze said he was forced to call the fire service in Georgetown as there was no answer of the emergency numbers at Linden.

The building which housed the magistrates court and several legal offices also housed the Legal aid centre. A worker attached to the center said everything was lost.

Residents came out of their homes just as the sun was rising with the flames, to assist the fire service, a building in the same compound was saved. Residents said they expected a better response from the fire service.

The Chirstianburg Magistrates court was one of the oldest buildings in the community and sat just behind the historic water wheel. Christianburg is the oldest of the Linden communities.

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