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PPP and PNC Calling for a Clean Campaign

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With the main political parties having their presidential candidates in place, the start of the political campaign will be their next move. Already PNC Presidential Candidate David Granger has issued a call for a clean campaign.

Now Presidential Candidate for the People’s Progressive Party, Donald Ramotar is indicating that he would like to see the same, a campaign that is clean and based on issues. Today when I Sat down with him at his Freedom House Office, Ramotar was clear that he cannot lose an issue based campaign.

It was just on Monday that Ramotar was selected to lead the ruling party into the upcoming elections and already he is coming under fire for some of the decisions made by the government, decisions that the opposition and many members of civil society don’t find favor with. It might be difficult for Ramotar to divorce himself from the past 18 years of the PPP in government since the government would have been embracing the party’s policies. Policies that he Ramotar would have been aware of as the party’s General Secretary.

Then there’s the Jagdeo Factor. From the onset of the PPP’s process to find a Presidential Candidate, it was Ramotar who emerged as the President’s favourite for the job. When I asked him if he would be his own thinker should he become President, he said the same concerns now were expressed when President Jagdeo first got into office.

This weekend the PPP will host its county conferences which are expected to fully endorse the decision of the Central Committee which chose Ramotar for the job. Ramotar appears ready for the road ahead but admits it’s not going to be an easy one.

The PPP Central Committee on MONDAY ended the party’s search for a presidential candidate. President Bharrat Jagdeo is constitutionally barred from seeking a 3rd term. When the race began, there were 5 nominees but when it came down to decision time, 4 of them threw in the towel, leaving Ramotar to take on the Presidential Candidate position.

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