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Secret Ballot or Show of Hands? PPP Still to Decide

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The executive and central committees of the ruling Peoples Progressive Party are expected to meet on Monday April 4th to elect the party’s presidential candidate. This decision comes after several meetings of the committees and an intensive screening process. There are also reports that the process will be done by secret ballot although one of the candidates has told this newscast that he is not too sure about that.

Freedom House sources today told Capitol News that the party’s executive members will for the special meeting which is expected to take place at the office of the president sometime Monday and vote on who they want to lead the party into the next elections.

Contacted late this afternoon, PPP General Secretary Donald Ramotar who is himself a candidate said he cannot confirm or deny the reports of decision time. He said meetings are continuing and will continue into the weekend.

And he noted also that he cannot confirm or deny that the voting will be done by secret ballots also. And Moses Nagamootoo having refused to allow himself to be screened by the committees as part of the process has ruled himself out of the race to become the party’s presidential candidate although it remains unclear whether he has pulled out officially. Nagamootoo would only say while he will not be a part of the race, he will continue the fight.

Nagamootoo was pushing for the presidential candidate to be chosen by the members of the party in a process that would have incorporated party members from across the country. He made that clear in several interviews and bluntly refused to be interviewed and screened by the committees that will be making the decision.

The other 4 candidates reports state have been busy canvassing support from the other members of the committees and as it is now, the race may be a toss-up with party sources saying if it goes down to secret ballot, the results could be far different from what some party big wigs expect. Longtime party member Ralph Ramkarran who is the speaker of the national assembly has been out in the forefront pushing for secret ballot. The president who sits on the committees believes a show of hand is better. But several party members over the past few weeks have been pushing for the secret ballot. Even letter writers have been reminding the members of the central and executive committees that they were elected via secret ballot.

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