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PNC Saying PPP Not Doing Enough to Tackle Drug Trafficking

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With the investigations into the 200 hundred pound cocaine in container bust seem heading to a dead end, the main opposition party is throwing out a call once again for the government to get serious about taking on the drug trade and narco traffickers. The drug bust was made in Jamaica after the ship arrived their from Guyana.

Today, Presidential Candidate of the PNC Reform David Granger said the government is not serious about effectively tackling the narco trafficking problem. He made specific reference to the absence of the customs anti narcotics unit from the seaports although hundreds of containers are shipped out from the same ports every month.

The Government for its part has been pushing a national drug strategy master plan but the plan has not really gotten off the ground despite several attempts. A new plan is being worked on. Still granger said the PPP administration is not serious enough.

The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit is the lead agency responsible for the tackling the drugs trade. The narcotics branch of the police force is the other agency. Although the 2 have had a few success cases, there have still been lapses that have allowed the drug trade to flow on. Granger said the narco fighting agencies ought to be receiving a whole lot more support from the government.

Guyana is considered a drugs transhipment point for cocaine heading to North America and Europe. Although the government has indicated its efforts to deal with the problem, it has always been facing criticism for not doing enough. Over the past few years the US government in its international drug report has chided the Guyana government for not doing enough. Efforts have been made to ship cocaine out of Guyana by any and just about all means necessary. Just recently cocaine was busted at the local airport in Icing sugar and Pholourie mix.

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