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Government Purchases High Tech Gadgets for Local CIA

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The Office of the President may have started the purchase of specialized intelligence gathering equipment for the Central Intelligence Agency that is being set up just opposite the Presidential Secretariat in the Castellani House compound or some other unit that may have the responsibility for intelligence gathering.

Documents appearing on the Guyanaobservernews website reveal a multi million dollar purchase from a US company known as Phoenix Technologies based in Miami Florida and which specializes in intelligence gathering and spy equipment.

According to the office of the president documents on the Guyana observer website, in late December of last year, the Guyana Government transferred via telex well over 100 million Guyana dollars to the Phoenix American Technologies company in Miami

Information obtained from the company indicates that the company only transacts business with governments. Though the money transfer documents did not state what the money was transferred to purchase, the bank of Guyana cheques were being paid on a pro forma invoice submitted by the company.

An official at the office of the President while saying that he is not too clear on the specific documents appearing on the website noted that such documents would not be a state secret. He admitted though that the Permanent secretary would be in a better position to speak on any purchases that the office of the president would be paying for. Efforts to contact the Permanent Secretary were unsuccessful. He was out of office. Just recently the Office of the President complained about the possibility of sensitive information and documents being leaked from the office by a former staffer.

Persons close to the security sector point out that purchases tallying such a huge sum of money, over 100 million dollars would mean that very specialized and high tech equipment have been bought. The company’s catalogue showcases all types of spying and intelligence gathering gadgets, from transmission interceptors to counter surveillance receiver which would pick up the presence of other bugging equipment.

The company is registered with the U.S. Department of State to export defense equipment and technology pursuant to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

The company boasts of having clients include Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies throughout Latin America and Europe specializing in Drug Enforcement Operations, Money Laundering Investigations, Organized Crime, International Terrorism Investigations, Riot and Border/Coastal Patrol.

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