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Ogle Airport To Have Security Review Following Sunday’s Attack

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There is expected to be a comprehensive security review of the Ogle International Airport in wake of Sunday morning’s attack by two armed men on the Trans Guyana terminal building at the airport which left a security officer dead.

Over 5 guns including shotguns and a quantity of ammunition were stolen and the two men made a clear getaway using the back of the airport. Although their images were caught on camera, the images are not clear enough to identify them but this evening a former employee of the company is being questioned sources say.

The security officer who was also a driver for the company was reportedly asleep in the company’s mini bus awaiting the start of his shift to begin picking up other staff members when he was attacked and killed. The attack came as a shock to the aviation industry especially the other companies that operate out of ogle. Trans Guyana on Sunday temporarily put a hold on its operations at the airport.

The Trans Guyana company is not saying much on the incident but several other persons in the airline industry say they are very concerned. Captain Gerry Gouveia said it is a guarantee that the issue will be discussed extensively among airline owners and they’ll have to look at new ways to step up security at the airport.

The brazen attack went almost unnoticed as other security officers at the airport were unaware of what was taking place just close by.

The Ogle airport which operated as a municipal airport for years was granted international airport status not so long ago and ever since then there have been moves to improve the operations of the airport. There’s also a development programme underway that will now have take on board the new security concerns.

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