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How Did Kwame’s Friends Get Media Passes?

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The Government Information agency is still to explain how friends of Kwame Mckoy, the president’s spokesman who work for him at the Office of the President have been issued media passes by the agency. And now there are questions about whose employ the men are really in. sources have told capitol news that although the men work directly under Mckoy at the office of the president their salaries may not be coming from that office.

The same Members of Mckoy’s group would be involved in political protests from time to time and they have been passing themselves off as state media employees although they are not attached to any state media entity.
Mccoy has not said anything about the group.

And Kwame Mckoy has also been denying ownership of an internet blog that would usually attack critics of the government.

Though Mckoy has denied ownership of the blog, there have been several cases when postings on the blog were removed following the intervention of the president after he received complaints.

The two young men one a former promoter, the other a dismissed police officer were caught on camera outside the office of AFC Member of Parliament David Patterson taking still photos and videos of the building. The AFC has described the move by the office of the president operatives as a threat. The office of the president is also silent on the matter. The same two men were spotted at the home of Kwame Mckoy on the same day that Mark Benschop’s vehicle was badly damaged outside the diamond home.

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