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Water At East Demerara Water Conservancy At Dangerous Levels

Due to continuous rainfall resulting from the La Nina weather phenomenon,
the level of water East Demerara Water Conservancy has reached a threatening
level and still rising. As a last resort, the Commission of EDWC has taken
the decision to have controlled release of water through the Mahaica Creek
via the Maduni and Lama outlets. Water will be released via the Lama and
Maduni Sluices at low tides commencing at 16:00 hrs today.

From the start of the La Nina period, excess water was being evacuated from
the EDWC into the Demerara River via the five-door sluice at Land of Canaan
and outlets at Kofi and Cunhia Sluices.

The EDWC Commission is urging that all precautions be undertaken to ensure
that the discharge of water did not acutely aggravate an already rising
Mahaica Creek, due to the historic level of rainfall along the coast and in
the upper reaches which flow into the various creeks and rivers.

In addition, residents in the upper reaches of the Mahaica and Mahaicony
Creeks are advised to be on the alert and to take necessary precautions with
the impending release of water to prevent any pressure on the dam.

The EDWC has informed the Civil Defence Commission of this critical

The average level of the EDWC is 57.8 GD which is just above the full supply
level of 57.5 GD. The height of the Conservancy Dam is 59 GD.

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