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Office Of The President Accuses Former Consultant Of Blackmail

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The man the Office of the President accuses of blackmail is dumbfounded by the allegations and cannot understand why the President’s office would make such an accusation.

Former consultant for the one laptop per family programme American Jud Lohmeyer is convinced that persons at the President’s office may be out to get him following his request to be paid the remainder of the money he said was owed to him on the contract.

The man who resigned a few months back from the programme claiming that he did not like the way it was being introduced was at the time taking home a very lucrative salary, a whopping G80,000 per day.

Do the math, and the consultant who was hired to put together a draft programme for the initiative was making close to 2.5 million dollars per month even as the programme was in the planning stages.

He apparently became upset with the way his idea was being changed and reworked. He is of the opinion that the entire project ought to come under scrutiny since it may have several kickbacks for several persons.

He is particularly worried about the work of another consultant who he told capitol news has developed a special software for the computers that will be bought under the programme.

The consultant he said stands to benefit hundreds of thousands of US dollars once the software he has developed becomes part of the project.

The man claims too that there were efforts to inflate the prices for the laptops being bought for the project. He also claims that the administration after handing out the contract to a Chinese firm for its e governance project received a $50,000 as a thank you for the contract.

The money he claims was used to purchase the laptops that were handed out at the launch of the project.

The one laptop per family project has been clouded in several problems since its launch with concerns over the price, the companies providing the laptops and how the laptops will be distributed.

The office of the President over the weekend issued a statement claiming that the former consultant wanted to blackmail the office. The former consultant has since made it clear that he was not tied to any secrecy in his contract.

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