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Government’s Plan To Recruit Overseas Teachers

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Today Education Minister Shaik Baksh announced that the administration will not be going ahead with its move to recruit overseas teachers unless it engages and consult with the main stakeholders on the issue.

The two main stakeholders in this case are the Guyana Teachers Union and the Teaching Service Commission.
The minister was at the time clearing the air on information circulated by the press that the administration was moving ahead with this plan independently of other major stakeholders. He however stated that this is not the case.

Baksh said that despite several efforts made by his ministry and the administration to improve the poor results of students in the areas of Maths and Science, there is still a great need for improvement- a need that cannot be satisfied by the teachers that are currently in the local education system.

While not giving too many details on the remuneration package for the overseas teachers, the minister said that the administration strongly believes that the best way to go is to bring in a batch of highly qualified and competent teachers to fill the void.

When the administration first announced its plan to recruit overseas teachers, a number of concerns were raised by the teachers Union. According to the union, the government should not go down this road.

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