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M&CC Building Up Lodge Land With Garbage

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Garbage continues to be a major problem face by the city and some residents of Hadfield Street Lodge are now kicking up a storm over the Mayor and City Council efforts to build up a plot of land opposite their homes.

When Capitol News visited the area trucks carrying the M&CC logo were seen dumping refuge in the in the vicinity between Chapel and John Streets. It was clear that what should have been builders waste was just garbage comprising of plastic bottles, old wood and scrap metal.

Some concerned residents said they notice the trucks in the area yesterday dumping waste in the area and were told by the truck drivers that they were given orders from City Hall. The members highlighted that if they are to sit back and allow the council to carry on with such actions their lives will be made uncomfortable.

When this news cast contacted the Georgetown Mayor, Hamilton Greene about the current situation he said it was an exercise geared at building the land in that area since it was low. The Mayor said he was unaware of the kind of waste being dumped but assured that it will soon be leveled with mud.

It is not the first time resident of this area have come under treat with garbage being dumped in the area since a similar exercise was done further up the street just behind the Cuffy monument.

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