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Customs Gets New Rules

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With the Guyana Revenue Authority rolling out new rules and new responsibilities for the customs department, customs brokers are paying attention to the changes mindful of the impact the changes could have on the job they do.

Customs brokers have been meeting to discuss some of the changes. The GRA intends to soon put a new unit in place that will see customs officers no longer being able examine imports and exports. Only the special unit will take on that responsibility.

Customs brokers have taken note and are hoping that the GRA understand the role they play as even with all the changes taking place within its set up. President of the customs brokers association Christopher Matthias.

Customs brokers usually serve as the middle man between the customs department and importers and exporters since they would prepare all relevant documents for the clearing of goods and the payments.

The GRA is already getting ready to put a new container scanner system in place and new staff could be brought into the country to work with the unit although he GRA has done the training of some of its own staff. There are several other changes expected at the GRA including more monitoring duties and drug enforcement.

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