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Charges Still To Come In Mckoy/Benschop Clash

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Police investigators have still not charged anyone for the damage done to the vehicle of Political activist Mark Benschop and there is the concern now that the investigators may be taking instructions on how to deal with the case from higher up.

Benschop’s vehicle was badly damaged and vandalized in front of the home of the President’s Information Liaison Kwame McKoy just after the two were involved in a heated argument over Benschop taking photos of the home.

Benschop left the vehicle at the scene and hurried over to a police station after he said McCoy and some other men pulled weapons on him. McCoy has been denying that charge.
And has also been denying allegations that he and two of his workers were the ones who smashed in the windows and windscreens for Benschop’s vehicle.

There are reports this evening that an eyewitness has come forward and has provided an affidavits linking McKoy and his workers to the damage. The eyewitness said it was McCoy who began the damage by throwing a cement block to the front windscreen and just after that, his workers came out armed with hammers and smashed in the other windows.
The eyewitness swore in the affidavits that Mckoy was then seen removing equipment and documents from the vehicle and taking it into his house.
On Saturday when the police arrived and Benschop told them about the missing items, he also pleaded with them to search Mckoys house and vehicle at the same time. Something that was not done.

The eyewitness said just after the police and the two men left the scene with the media in tow, a car pulled up with some other men outside the house and they were seen packing up the same items that were allegedly removed from Benschop’s vehicle.

Meanwhile McKoy has apparently thrown his house up on the auction block but he may only be interested in 2 buyers. After Stabroek News called the President’s information liaison to follow up on the story and the cost for his posh property, he issued a release late last evening offering to sell the house to the Stabroek news or mark Benschop for a whopping 50 million dollars. McCoy’s boss, President Bharrat Jagdeo had sold his house for 120 million dollars and is currently constructing a new one. That is on the east coast. McKoys property is at diamond on the east bank.

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