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Twenty year Old Woman Murdered By Lover Of Five Months

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The cry of justice has once again been sounded by relatives of another victim of domestic abuse. Dead is 20 year old Susie Ramdeen of Vreed-En-Hoop squatting area on the West Coast of Demerara whose battered body was fished out of a canal at Houston Estate on Sunday.

Reports are that her 27 year old boyfriend, whom she lived with at Pouderoyen, was the mastermind behind her killing.
According to the young woman’s relatives, her relationship was abusive, although she Ramdeen denied such.

The grandmother Bibi Khan today said that the accused was the one who confessed to the killing and carried relatives to the spot where he dumped the woman’s body.

The woman added that Ramdeen moved out of her house some five months ago to live with the young man whom she later learnt had some bad habits. An aunt said when she visited the scene; Ramdeen’s body bore several marks of violence.

Meanwhile the dead woman’s eldest sister Karen Williams said that her sister did not deserve to die the way she did. She believes that if she had gotten a little more support from relatives, she would have been alive today.

Ramdeen has been described as a very quiet and Easy going individual by relatives and those who live in the area. The perpetrator who gave his name as Kevin is now in police custody as the police continue their investigations.

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