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Investigations Still Ongoing Into Kwame McKoy And Mark Benschop Incident

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This evening, the police say investigations are still ongoing into an incident over the weekend which involved social and political activist Mark Benschop and the President’s spokesman Kwame McKoy. Benschop’s vehicle was badly damaged in the melee and Mckoy claims that someone damaged his property.

Mark Benschop who runs an internet radio and news site said on Saturday he decided to take photographs of the house being built in Diamond Housing scheme by the President’s spokesman since he had questions about how McKoy with his public servants salary could afford to build such an expensive property with a swimming pool and heavily tinted windows. Benschop said while he was at the property he came under attack by McKoy and two other men who were all armed with guns and he had to make a dash from the area, hussling off to the nearest police station and leaving his vehicle behind. When he returned with the police, his vehicle was badly damaged, all its windows and windscreens smashed. He is convinced that McKoy damaged the vehicle leaving shattered glass all over.

McKoy told Capitol News that he knows nothing about the damages to the vehicle. Damages in excess of 1 million dollars. He even indicated that by the time he arrived, Benschop had already been chased from the area.

However video taken by Mark Benschop tells a different story, in the video Mckoy is seen pulling up alongside Benschop and trying to grab his camera.

Benschop said important documents and equipment were removed from his vehicle after it had been smashed. Both men were eventually taken to the police station to give full statements. After the statements, Benchop was arrested on suspicion for damage to property and released on 25, 000 bail late Saturday night. Mckoy was released since early Saturday afternoon on $5,000 bail.

A number of political activists have fired off at the police over their handling of the situation and even some senior police officers have questioned the way the investigation is being carried out with one officer telling capitol news that the investigating ranks need to be thorough and fair in the investigation and not be carried away by the public persona of the persons involved.

Benschop seems convinced that the case may not get anyway far and he might be forced to deal with the damages to his vehicle while McKoy who claims he saw nothing although the vehicle was parked in front of his yard, walks away scotch free.

Kwame McKoy serves as the Information Liason to the President and also sits on the rights of the child commission. Just over a year ago McKoy was forced to take some time off from his job when an audio tape surfaced with an individual sounding like and believed to be McKoy having a sexually laced conversation with a teenaged boy from Linden. McKoy has always denied that the voice is his and that case never got anywhere. The recording by the way was released by Mark Benschop who had spoken to the boy and his mother.

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