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Granger Ready To Serve

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Now that he has been elected and confirmed as the Presidential Candidate for the opposition Peoples National Congress Reform, former army commander retired Brigadier David Granger is setting his sights on strengthening the PNC Reform as it gets ready for the elections. At Saturday’s special party congress, David Granger edged former finance minister Carl Greenidge to win the top spot. The other nominees were way behind.

666 Delegates cast ballots and at the end of it, Granger secured 279 votes, followed by Carl Greendige with 264, Basil Williams garnered 88 votes, Faith Harding only pulled in 20 votes and young attorney James Bond was left behind with just 13 votes. There were 3 spoilt ballots.

In his victory speech Granger said the Presidential Candidate process is one that the party should be proud of. He reiterated an earlier commitment to unite the party and involve all its players.

The National Campaign he said now begins and the party is united now more than ever as it moves forward with that campaign. Granger said he intends to pull on the strengths of members of the pnc including his former rivals for the position.

Now the search begins for a Prime Ministerial Candidate and Granger is hoping that there will be a woman by his side as the party heads into general elections later this year.

The PNC’s special congress brought together delegates from across the country and the US and Canada where the party has groups. Saturdays special congress brought an end to nearly 6 months of campaigning by the nominees. It was the first time that the pnc has a Presidential candidate who is not the leader of the Party. Party Leader Robert Corbin praised the process.

All of the nominees have accepted the results and have all given their commitment to working together to ensure victory at this year’s elections.

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