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Former Jamaican Top Cop Urges Caribbean To Get To The Root Cause Of Crime

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It is something that has been whispered loudly in the Caribbean for decades but very little is being done to deal with it: The root cause of Crime in the Region. According to a former Top Police Official in Jamaica Rear admiral Hardley Lewin there are real problems below the surface that have lead to crime in various Caribbean Countries.

Delivering a lecture on Rotary World Understanding Day in the theme “Understanding Drugs, Crime and the threats to Caribbean Society”, Lewin traced the development of criminal networks in the region and pointed to what he thought were the causes. He noted that the Caribbean is much more than a mere transit zone for the movement of illicit drugs.

Lewin argued that Caribbean politics has made a mockery of the Westminster Model.

Lewin said that based on the drug trade and culture in the Caribbean it is easy to conclude that “we live in a dangerous neighborhood or at the minimum a potentially dangerous neighborhood”. He added that governments in the region have responded to the symptoms rather than the root causes and have done so through coercive methods. He contended that even the police forces have been designed along lines to deal with riots and insurrections rather than community friendly policing.

The former Top Police Official in Jamaica concluded that there is tendency to overemphasize the law enforcement dimension to the neglect of other solutions. He insisted that the Caribbean must declare war on Hopelessness since Hopelessness breeds new recruits for gangs and criminal networks.

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