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PNC’s Race For Presidential Candidate In Last Leg

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After close to 6 months of campaigning and 18 town hall meetings across the country, the PNC Presidential candidate nominees are now heading for the last leg of what could be described as a marathon race. This Saturday party delegates will meet at congress place to elect the party’s presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.
All of the nominees are confident of doing well but former army commander retired Brigadier David Granger who was the first to announce his bid for the position believes what the party really needs right now is leadership heading into the national polls and he believes that’s where he has the edge.

Granger has been pushing national security as one of his major campaigning points. He said security is an issue that affects every Guyanese and everyone is concerned about it since it affects other sectors.

On Sunday morning, one of the nominees should be waking up as the next Presidential candidate for the main opposition party. Granger appears convinced that he will be the one and once he is given that leading role he told capitol news that he will begin a reaching out to the voters who have real problems.

This evening Granger is launching a new book titled Public Security, criminal violence and policing in Guyana. The book offers his take on several security issues from violent gangs to the roger khan drug case. The presidential candidate nominee has also launched a new website.

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